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Mobile Marketing

With the rampant use of smartphones marketers are showing a preference towards mobile marketing. We at mediaxpedia have understood the worth of mobile marketing for a company and so our mobile marketing services are able to reach to customers via apps, SMS or graphics.

  • We aim at creating persona of the mobile users by knowing their preferences. We also find out the particular behaviours of mobile users. It has been found that almost 65% of the people open their email on mobile phones.
  • Mediaxpedia search for key audiences who can be targeted via mobile marketing.
  • Generating measurable as well as realistic KPI’s is one of the prime components of our mobile marketing strategy. Our writers post user friendly content which will take your SEO to new heights.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is considered to be one of the most significant parts of a business. Building of a good communication network is what counts in your branding. Suppose you are on a social networking site but you hardly do any sort of activity then just get ready to lose your customers.

But if you choose mediaxpedia for your lead generation then you need not worry about it. We will post photos or attractive contents that are meant to describe your products or services. On behalf of your company we will post blogs that will make announcement regarding your newly launched products or make discussion regarding needs of your customers.



A company that has a well defined branding strategy is able to taste the fruit of success. If you have a plan to grow your business then mediaxpedia can help you out by:

Conducting research: We will first conduct a research on the needs of your target customers and based upon their needs, we will devise a strategy.
Considering your business goal: Our branding strategies will be completely based upon the goals that you have predetermined for your business.
Positioning your brand: After gaining a complete knowledge about your target customer’s need and your business goals mediaxpedia tries to position your brand by defining your unique features.


Email Marketing

We adhere to some email marketing strategies that can allow a brand to connect to their target customers.

  • The experts at mediaxpedia aim at creating responsive design for email so as to optimize experience of customers.
  • One of the common mistakes which fail to generate customer is keeping a lengthy subject line. However, our email marketing strategy is to ensure that the subject line is kept short and precise.
  • As users have varied size of mobile so it often becomes difficult to read a content so we try to make your call to action look bolder and bigger for increasing readability.
    Our attractive range of email templates is user to grab the attention of your customers.

Election Campaign

Election campaigns are popularly used for leaders with intention of reaching out to the public and creating an impression on them.

  • We will generate posts regarding leader on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Our main objective behind election campaigns is to establish a platform whereby you can directly interact with your targeted people.
  • Mediaxpedia will try to conduct interactive forums on social networking sites just to encourage the people to visit your website.
    In fact, we will even conduct debates or contests on social media so that more and more people gets to know about your political view.